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Engineering & Technical Services

Enhance your results with the power of specialized education.

Tech Scouting

New or existing technology may be required in developing new products, as well as in correcting problems with products or processes. Unfortunately, small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMEs) may not have access to, or even be aware of, available technologies.

Technology Scouting uses a systematic approach to help SMEs find technology solutions. This method, combined with MEP’s extensive partnership network (access to government, university, and private sector research), allows companies to find technology solutions outside their industry. This broader perspective can result in unexpected, but effective, solutions.

Technical Training Programs

Because a Company's Strength, Quality and Growth in the market is achieved through personal growth of its human capital and its knowledge base, Nevada Industry Excellence can connect you to the training and development programs that service the technical needs of your organization.

These programs are the result of specific client requests and research into cutting-edge programs used by the most successful organizations in the world. These technical training programs are custom fit to your needs and can include training in the areas of electricity, soldering, welding, hydraulics, machining, and more - just ask us. They can be done on site or in a classroom setting depending on your needs. We work with you to use relevant company materials such as schematics and blueprints for the most effective results. Nevada Industry Excellence has quick and easy access to a national network of experts and to local experts from within the Nevada System of Higher Education and Nevada business community.


Connections to Nevada’s research institutions UNR, UNLV and DRI

NVIE can arrange a variety of services offered through the various campus departments within the University of Nevada, Reno, UNLV, and the Desert Research Institute. Let us know your needs and our NVIE Project Managers will help to save you time to get lined up with the right local resources.

NVIE’s Administrative HQ Office is co-located at the UNR InNEVation Center, Powered by Switch. The Center is a synergistic, collaborate space to stimulate the creation and incubation of start-ups and accelerate the growth of the economy in the region. The Center provides access to the UNR’s research infrastructure, fundamental and applied research portfolio and the University’s expertise. Contact NVIE to learn about becoming a member of the InNEVation Center, or how to interface with the Nevada Center for Applied Research (NCAR) or the Nevada Advanced Autonomous Systems Innovation Center (NAASIC).

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