K2 Energy Solutions

K2 Energy Solutions

NVIE’s training in lean manufacturing provides great assistance in identifying growth and profitability opportunities within K2 Energy manufacturing environment.

- Robert Horito, CFO K2 Energy Solutions, Inc.

The Client

K2 Energy Solutions Inc. is a leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries that are used in many advanced medical, transportation, and military applications around the world. K2 Energy Solutions Inc. is a ten-year-old company with 65 employees.

The Situation

K2 Energy Solutions Inc. needed to improve their manufacturing operations to meet their product delivery deadlines.

The Solution

NVIE visited with K2 Energy Solutions Inc. to discuss their needs. After an assessment of their manufacturing operations it was determined that lean manufacturing principles would help some of their manufacturing issues. NVIE provided K2 Energy Solutions Inc. with lean manufacturing training for manufacturing personnel.

The Results

Training provided by NVIE helped to identify areas for improvement in efficiencies and flow within the manufacturing floor. Improvements included:

  • Streamline of materials processing
  • Reconfigure production to 1-piece work flow
  • Reduce product travel time
  • Reduction of paper via movement towards a paperless document system
  • Establish an ongoing 5S program

These improvements have contributed greatly to an on time delivery improvement of greater than 20%, a 5% improvement in product travel time, and increased throughput of approximately 10%.

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