Digital Solid State Propulsion Inc.

Digital Solid State Propulsion Inc.

Digital Solid State Propulsion Inc. Expands Their Customer Base with ISO 9001

“I want to express my gratitude and thanks to Nevada Industry Excellence for helping us through the ISO 9000 process. Nevada Industry Excellence was able to make this process very straightforward. They hired the right consultant that fit our needs best; they reduced the risk in getting the certification.”

– Sawka, Founder and CEO

The Client

Digital Solid State Propulsion Inc. develops, produces, and markets safe, controllable energetic materials for both defense and commercial markets. Their innovative materials are environmentally friendly to produce and are used as safe, electrically-throttled propellants in thrusters, igniters, rocket motor and squib applications such as pyrotechnics. Digital Solid State Propulsion’s products are widely recognized as the world’s first smart energetic materials with numerous recent awards and patents.

Digital Solid State Propulsion is located in Reno, Nevada. They employ 22 of the brightest engineers and professionals from top programs including Purdue University and the University of Nevada, Reno.

The Situation

Digital Solid State Propulsion knew they needed ISO 9001 to gain competitiveness in their current market and to grow into new markets, such as the commercial sector, which was an entirely new area for them. As a small business, they had some fears about the financial and time investment necessary for an ISO 9001 certification. To mitigate the fear and risk, Digital Solid State Propulsion contacted Nevada Industry Excellence for guidance and support through the process.

The Solution

Nevada Industry Excellence worked with Digital Solid State Propulsion to select the consultant that best fit with their quality objectives. Together, they interviewed four consultants and used a matrix with various criteria for consultant selection. Digital Solid State Propulsion chose Eileen Webb, with Streamline Consulting, to guide them through the certification process.

Over a 9-month period, Eileen worked with and coached Digital Solid State Propulsion on the implementation of their quality management system. This included selecting a platform for document storage, writing policy and procedures, facility cleanliness and organization, participating in management review sessions, and streamlining processes for quality assurance and efficiency.

The Results

As a result, Digital Solid State Propulsion achieved ISO 9001 certification in September 2015. This has allowed them to reach a larger customer base due to increased inventory control and quality assurance for their commercial products moving them from a space and defense area to a larger commercial base. Digital Solid State Propulsion has reduced costs, the number of failed tests has declined, and their day-to-day operation is much smoother. Commercial sales have also increased over 200% since the company’s certification, and customer retention is expected to remain high.

In recognition of their contribution to Nevada’s business community, Digital Solid State Propulsion received the NCET (Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology) 2015 Aerospace Company of the Year award. Additionally, Shae Williams, Chief Engineer at Digital Solid State Propulsion, was recognized as EDAWN’s (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) Rising Star in Technical Services.

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