Aerovault Goes Lean to Meet Trailer Demand, Double Manufacturing Capacity

“Nevada Industry Excellence is a resource that is hard to come by in Nevada,” said Aerovault owner Gayle Brock. “It is not just training and implementation of manufacturing process that they offer, but also identifying what is needed. We operated our business in Washington and know businesses in California, and we have never heard of a state affiliated organization helping a business like this. In California and Washington they are more focused on what they can get from a company. It seems like a foreign concept.”

– Gayle Brock, Aerovault Co-Owner

The Client

Aerovault is a high-quality, aerodynamic car trailer manufacturer owned by legendary car designer Peter Brock and his wife Gayle Brock. The company moved to Henderson, Nevada from Washington state in 2011.

The Situation

Demand for the intricate, fuel-efficient trailers was outstripping supply. Aerovault was searching for the most effective way to scale their intricate, start-to-finish manufacturing process, and looking for consultation and training resources to tap into industry-leading manufacturing techniques and processes.

The Solution

Nevada Industry Excellence introduced a lean and cellular manufacturing model to Aerovault that allowed the company to work on multiple trailers simultaneously. The new process more than doubled Aerovault’s productivity.

The Results

Before introducing the lean manufacturing model, it took them between 4.5 and 6 weeks to complete a trailer. The shop now completes a trailer every week.

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