Rhea Gustafson, Project Manager

Rhea Gustafson, Project Manager

MBA in Business Administration, St. Louis University: BE in Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University

Rhea has more than 20 years of marketing and management experience in commercial and industrial manufacturing. He was the former President of Astromec, Inc. (Carson City, NV) and former Director of Marketing and Planning for Emerson Electric (St. Louis, MO). Rhea also acted as one of the founding members of the Carson City Manufacturers forum. He also has experience in new product development, cost effective technical design, and lean process implementation. His special expertise is in electrical design, manufacturing flow, cost management, engineering management, and technical product marketing.

Contact Information:

18600 Wedge Parkway
UNR Mail Stop 600
Reno, NV 89511
Tel: 775-682-6440
Fax: 775-682-6430

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