Export Services

ExporTech leads companies through a facilitated process that prepares them for profitable growth in global markets.

Should I be Exporting my Products or Services?

Most companies don’t export for the very reason that they don’t know what they don’t know, the fear of the unknown… how do I get paid, what’s my intellectual property risk, how do I find the right country, product or representation? The domestic market has limited growth and intense competition with 95% of the world market outside the U.S. exporting helps you grow faster than non-exporters'. Studies have shown exporters grew 37% over 4 years, while non-exporters sales declined by 7%.

Ask yourself…”how is my business today versus 5 or 10 years ago? Profits down? Sales flat? Stiff domestic competition?” Do you receive inquiries from foreign markets, but are afraid of navigating global sales on your own. Or are your reacting to overseas inquiries and don’t know how to proactively capitalize on this market interest.

The good news is Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE) has a program called ExporTech™ to help navigate the road to success with a systematic approach for entering or expanding global markets. ExporTech™ connects you with the very best carefully selected international business experts in the region. It’s not a training program, but an execution program designed to deliver a carefully fine-tuned export planning process to launch your product or service to a global market.

NVIE prides itself on helping drive your plan towards outcome…EXECUTION, actually exporting to a new country. In the last 7 years 914 companies have gone through the program resulting in an average increase of $770,000 in new export sales per company, with most companies exporting within 6 months of completing the program.

Whether you are an accidental exporter reacting to a small number of inquiries, or an exporter who has been exporting for years to a few countries or a company that wants to grow, ExporTech™ could be your solution.

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