Partner's Corner: Coulson Ice Blast

January 13, 2017 | NVIE

Take a look at how using ice, made from regular water, can significantly cut down on your operations costs.

Gone are the days of using technologies such as ultra-high pressure washers, dry ice blasters, harsh chemicals and abrasive medias to perform many of the critical cleaning, deburring, and/or surface preparation undertakings that are an expensive necessity for many companies.

A cutting-edge, new, green cleaning technology is relocating to Nevada. Coulson Ice Blast focuses on blasting ice, made from regular water. The innovative cleaning technology was developed by a company in British Columbia, Canada. Instead of using water, they freeze it to make ice and in doing so, can achieve a better cleaning result with 90% less water usage than a pressure washer. The technology is so effective that it eliminates the need to use other cleaning technologies such as dry ice or other abrasive blasting technologies.

Coulson Ice Blast began by creating custom ice blasting systems for the nuclear, automotive, and Aerospace industries. They are now releasing their newest, most portable and versatile unit, IceStorm90 in February of 2017.

If you would like to learn more about this new technology or be invited to a demo in February, please contact Terry Culp at 702-895-2615 (Las Vegas area) or Sandy Haslem at 775-784-1935 (Reno area).

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Partner's Corner: Coulson Ice Blast

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