Nevada Manufacturing and Supply Chain Evolution

July 18, 2017 | NVIE

Evolving U.S. Supply Chains and Nevada Manufacturing

A new MForesight study examines the evolution of the supply chain and the future of American manufacturing, leading to a contemplation of the future for Nevada manufacturing.

Robust supply chains are essential to U.S. manufacturing competitiveness and by extension, Nevada manufacturing. In most sectors, suppliers add more than 80 percent of final product value. Pervasive technology changes in areas such as information systems, sensors, intelligent controls, materials, and production processes increasingly affect business practices, skill requirements, and research needs across supply chains. The combination of new technologies and business practices will enable manufacturers to be more flexible, respond rapidly to changing customer demand, allow for cost-effective customization, and increase the value added and distributed across the entire supply chain.

How U.S. manufacturers manage their supply chains has been the key to offshoring production and will be the key to rebuilding a robust manufacturing sector. The national challenge is moving from the current situation, in which foreign suppliers are too frequently the default choice and many domestic suppliers have weak capabilities or no longer exist, to an innovative future supported by vibrant supply chains in which U.S. manufacturers compete globally based on innovation and unique domestic production capabilities.

Firms of all sizes should accelerate progress implementing lean production methodologies and other proven management practices to facilitate implementation of supply chain management information systems, data analytics, and other digital manufacturing technologies.

MForesight’s full study provides greater depth and insight into the future of manufacturing in the United States and provides valuable insight into problems and solutions facing Nevada manufacturing.

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Nevada Manufacturing and Supply Chain Evolution

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