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"Nevada Industry Excellence staff went out of their way to integrate themselves into our organization, made a logical assessment of our needs and assisted us every step of the way to implement the best ideas of Lean Manufacturing."

— Ron Wardle, Electronics Branch Manager, Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO)

"With Nevada Industry Excellence’s assistance we were able to reduce our manufacturing costs by over 27%. Our customers have been very pleased to see our implementation of Lean, especially 5S, visual workplace and standardized work procedures."

— John Collier, Plant Manager, Herb Trade

"Once the ideas were brought to the attention of the employees, it happened very quickly. They removed obsolete parts and equipment and made space for their redesigned flow lines. Employees redesigned the assembly process into a cellular flow system for one product line. The Flow Line pilot test conducted on the first product line showed a 64 percent reduction in manufacturing time, a 49 percent decrease in work in process (WIP), and a 33 percent decrease in product travel distance. Most of the decrease in WIP was focused around the product inspection/test area that was formerly the bottleneck."

— Betty Anderson, Operations Facility Manager ABB’s Carson

Northern Nevada

Southern Nevada

Oct 07

ExporTech Northen Nevada - Start or Improve your Export Sales! EV167 NNV

ExporTech - An Export Acceleration System for Achieving Profitable Growth.
Send up to 4 people to all three sessions; One price!

Oct 21

Lean Manufacturing 101 EV194 NNV

Lean techniques minimize waste and support growth with existing staff and equipment

Sep 23

Project Economics, ROI, Cost Benefit Workshop EV187 FOCUS SNV

Workshop #7 of the Nevada Facility Operator Certification for Utility Systems (FOCUS) series

Oct 15

Lean Manufacturing Workshop EV196 SNV

Reduce lead time, increase productivity, and improve quality in your operation with Lean

Oct 21

Commissioning and Operating to Code Workshop EV185 FOCUS SNV

Workshop #8 of the Nevada Facility Operator Certification for Utility Systems (FOCUS) series

Apr 20

2016-2017 FOCUS SNV

Energy Efficiency Training & Certification Program for Facilities Personnel Since 2004