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"Nevada Industry Excellence is a tremendous resource — especially for small companies that cannot afford a large technical staff. They saved us a huge amount of money. MAP’s Lean Manufacturing training was a catalyst for us. After attending the training we decided to make a commitment to this. Through Nevada Industry Excellence’s Lean Manufacturing principles Polymer was able to reduce its buildings from five to two, floor space was cut by more than 50 percent and profits more than tripled."

— Paul Gossi, Plant Manager Polymer Engineering Corporation’s

"I want to thank you for the opportunity and experience you provided Taiyo America with regards to your Growth Services program. Taiyo America come away from the seminar more energized, more driven, and certainly more focused with regards to innovation and product development. We also appreciated the input from MAP members and other outside parties in the idea mining sessions. You helped to “take the blinders off” and get us to take a look at opportunities outside of our comfort zone."

— Dave Rund, President, Taiyo America, Inc.

"Once the ideas were brought to the attention of the employees, it happened very quickly. They removed obsolete parts and equipment and made space for their redesigned flow lines. Employees redesigned the assembly process into a cellular flow system for one product line. The Flow Line pilot test conducted on the first product line showed a 64 percent reduction in manufacturing time, a 49 percent decrease in work in process (WIP), and a 33 percent decrease in product travel distance. Most of the decrease in WIP was focused around the product inspection/test area that was formerly the bottleneck."

— Betty Anderson, Operations Facility Manager ABB’s Carson

Northern Nevada

Southern Nevada

Nov 25

Lean Manufacturing Workshops in NNV

Please call Stacy Rutherford (775) 682-5769 for information on upcoming workshops

Dec 03

Lean for the Office Workshop EV197 SNV

Lean can reduce lead time, increase productivity, and improve quality.

Feb 03

Lean Manufacturing Workshop EV198 SNV

Reduce lead time, increase productivity, and improve quality in your operation with Lean

Feb 10

ExporTech Southern Nevada - Now at Lower Cost & with Newer Curriculum! EV166 SNV

ExporTech - Start or Improve your Export Sales

Apr 20

2016-2017 FOCUS SNV

Energy Efficiency Training & Certification Program for Facilities Personnel Since 2004