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"The initial Value Stream Map was the right starting place because it now gives a direction with concepts and goals that must be considered prior to any reorganization. Nevada Industry Excellence’s assistance has been just right in identifying new ways to look at a facility that I see everyday."

— Don Graham, General Manager Jensen Precast

"Nevada Industry Excellence was the pinnacle to our success. We had an aggressive timeline and started without a single procedure in place. Without Nevada Industry Excellence and Prism eSolution’s assistance, we would still be in the infancy stage of the project. This certification has helped our marketing of TST. As we developed the procedures, we streamlined and improved our processes. The results: better yields, more productivity, and processes under control."

— Sean Alarcon, Engineering Manager, Tsuda SurfaceTechnologies, Inc.

"I want to thank you for the opportunity and experience you provided Taiyo America with regards to your Growth Services program. Taiyo America come away from the seminar more energized, more driven, and certainly more focused with regards to innovation and product development. We also appreciated the input from MAP members and other outside parties in the idea mining sessions. You helped to “take the blinders off” and get us to take a look at opportunities outside of our comfort zone."

— Dave Rund, President, Taiyo America, Inc.

Get acquainted with Promontory Management Group, NVIE’s Six Sigma partner, and provider of the unique and superior QuikSigma® system of Lean-Six Sigma


QuikSigma® - An Overview

Six Sigma is the powerful actor on the process improvement stage. But the power is not without some pain: Projects can take too long. Many find the required knowledge difficult, so they don’t participate or they settle for watered-down versions. Project completion rates vary widely. 

QuikSigma® changes all that. It gives you real, honest-to-goodness,high-powered Six Sigma without the obstacles.
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Thanks to QuikSigma’s® unique structure and automated tool set project leaders no longer struggle to understand their task or to become master statisticians. More projects get done in less time. Less in-class training is required. And many more people can successfully participate.

Project Leaders get more Six Sigma done, more quickly. Its features are so unique, they won’t be available anywhere else until our pending patent expires.

Projects stay on track: Tools are presented in the context where they are used. Only QuikSigma® follows and reinforces the DMAIC pattern, from Project Charter to Control Plan. Project Leaders always know exactly where they are in the process, and what’s next.

All the necessary tools are included, both language based and statistical, and they work together, as Six Sigma tools must.

The tools are highly automated and easy to understand. More people can effectively participate. The unique graphic display quickly and accurately conveys the information from statistical tests. Of course, the full mathematical results are also available, but most users just look at easy to understand gages. Imagine being able to structure and interpret ANOVA and regression in under 10 minutes!

Even writing the final report is automated. Why toil over the final report, when you could spend that time on the next project?


Discussion of Six Sigma support software, including QuikSigma, spreadsheets, spreadsheet add-ins, and Minitab. Includes free download of QuikSigma, and 30-day demo license.



QuikSigma® Live - Demo of Convenient Online Training



Outline of a Complete Green Belt Project


Converting COPQ to Expansion Capital