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"Nevada Industry Excellence’s help was invaluable. They contacted us initially regarding the training program and then led us through the grant process. It was a great cooperative effort that ultimately resulted in approval of our application by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development."

— John Mansanti, Mine General Manager

"Nevada Industry Excellence is very well networked and has provided helpful assistance and information about Quality Systems over the years Custom Stamping has been in Carson City."

— Tom Rettura, Quality Assurance Manager, Custom Stamping

"It’s good to know that you are there when we need you. for all our Energy Service needs."

— Erich Trombley, Supervisor Key Account Management, Southwest Gas

Quality Systems

Quality Management Systems are sets of standards that have been developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Nevada Industry Excellence (formerly MAP) can assist you to achieve the industry quality system standards that will help you attract new customers, retain existing customers and compete in the global market. If you have a customer that requires you to be certified, or you just want to improve the quality of your manufacturing business, making your company more marketable, Nevada Industry Excellence can help.

Quality Standards

Nevada Industry Excellence's Quality Management Systems specialists can assist you in becoming registered, assist with your internal quality auditing or train your internal quality auditors in the following quality standards:

  •   ISO 9001:2008 General Quality Standard
  •   AS 9100 Aerospace Standard
  •   TS 16949 Automotive Standard
  •   ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard   

Nevada Industry Excellence wants your company to succeed. When you make the strategic decision to become registered to a quality standard, we’ll work with you through every step of the way, insuring that you stay on track.
In addition to ISO Quality standards, Nevada Industry Excellence works with companies in implementing the following company initiatives:

Statistical Process Control

Statistical process control (SPC) involves using statistical techniques to measure and analyze the variation in processes.  The intent of SPC is to monitor product quality and maintain processes to fixed targets.  Statistical quality control refers to using statistical techniques for measuring and improving the quality of processes and includes SPC in addition to other techniques, such as sampling plans, experimental design, variation reduction, process capability analysis, and process improvement plans.
SPC is used to monitor the consistency of processes used to manufacture a product as designed.  It aims to get and keep processes under control.  No matter how good or bad the design, SPC can ensure that the product is being manufactured as designed and intended.  Thus, SPC will not improve a poorly designed product's reliability, but can be used to maintain the consistency of how the product is made and, therefore, of the manufactured product itself and its as-designed reliability.

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a systematic approach to quality improvement that marries product and service specifications to customer performance. TQM then aims to produce these specifications with zero defects. This creates a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement that boosts production, customer satisfaction and profits.
Contact Nevada Industry Excellence today to find out how these services and other can help your growth and bottom line.


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